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Strategic digital partnership with Hungary’s leading financial powerhouse

Over the years, we have successfully partnered with Erste Bank on numerous digital projects. From strategic visions for data-driven marketing to sales-focused landing pages and creative production tasks. The focus of the cooperation is to create an omnichannel, automated operation that offers personalized communication and a better customer experience. Overall, the partnership aimed to create a holistic understanding of Erste Bank's unique operations and needs to achieve its digital marketing goals.

Areas of cooperation

  • Customer experience mapping
  • Persona and customer journey development
  • Marketing automation
  • UX/UI and service design
  • Content and creative production
  • Web development
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Credit card customer journey mapping

We have mapped the customer experience of applying for and using credit cards based on real experiences. Months of research have uncovered the bottlenecks and errors that cause customer confusion.
Our team worked closely with Erste Bank to prepare solutions that would provide a more seamless experience for the customer, better engagement and higher customer lifetime value.

Buyer personas of credit cards

Together with the credit card department, we defined the main perspectives of the Erste Max and Wizz Air credit cards through stakeholder interviews and questionnaires. This allowed us to understand the characteristics, habits, needs and problems of the ideal credit card customer. This has further enhanced Erste's ability to target credit card customers with the right content and message.

Marketing automation

The programme has been underway for more than two years, from understanding the corporate strategy and current situation, to defining the target operating model and strategy for the future, to the implementation project with Erste Bank.

This included working with the heads of Marketing, CRM, Customer Experience, Digital Channels, Retail Product, BI, Architecture, Legal & Privacy, IT and Project Office to gain a holistic view of Erste Bank’s organisation, its unique and typical operations and its exact needs.

Onboarding email optimalization

Based on the insights gained from the customer journey mapping project, we work with Erste Bank’s marketing and credit card department to design and produce the static and visual creative elements of the online credit card communication, including website visuals and animations, static banners on social media and Google Display Network, promotional and onboarding emails for CRM communication.

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