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Ádám is our creative thinking leader and describes himself as having “quite a big head – I’m not so dumb, although there are plenty of people smarter than me!”. He brings the value of 10+ years experience in creative advertising and 35+ years experience in life to the team and generates a wealth of innovative and left-field ideas.


Head of Creative

Peter is an experienced leader, having been a digital head at various major financial enterprises worldwide. He has succeeded in scaling up digital channel performance, built teams, transformed organizations, and redesigned business models to leverage the true potential of the digital domain.



Ádám is an outstanding digital brand manager with 15+ years experience. A person who brings together strengths in marketing, technology and social interaction; an M.B.A. consultant’s perspective; a wide ranging interest in technology and impeccable social-networking skills.


Head of Digital Development

Balázs has been leading various digital projects more than 7 years. His main duty is to efficiently identify our clients’ business goals and turn them into actionable projects as smoothly as possible. He is experienced in various domains: digital campaign and strategy planning, marketing technology and website development.


Client Service Director

Barnabás brings a wealth of experience: 20 years in media/communications; 15+ years in telecommunications; 15+ years in digital/online and 10+ years in leadership. His specialties are marketing automation and technology; data-driven marketing and advertising; digital transformation and agile operations.


E-commerce & Data Strategist

An experienced IT advisor with a proven track record in several sectors, István specializes in IT architecture, web/mobile/backend application development, concept validations, data strategy with machine learning, UI design, and UX research. He’s our design thinking expert and certified design sprint facilitator.


Product Strategist

As a full stack developer and architect with industry experience building websites, web applications and other digital solutions for enterprise customers, Gábor is specialized in JavaScript and has professional experience working with PHP and Angular. He also has experience working with Vue, Laravel, and React.


Tech Lead


As our Product Design Lead, Kristóf has planned various educational, financial, insurance and other digital applications as well. He confidently supervises and manages the whole Design Process strating from the research phase, to UX/UI design and testing phases.


Product Design Lead

Viki has been designing and researching digital interfaces and managing design projects for more than 10 years. She is an experienced teacher, mentor and coach: “I have worked with university students, startups, big companies and anyone who is interested in the human centered design.


Research and design consultant, partner

Marci has built his vision about design in various areas of it, like printed magazines, animation, branding, illustration, but found himself in the creation of human centered interfaces. As a product designer he can not imagine the design processes without users and final UI designs without a logically built design system.


Product Designer

Ákos is a hands-on IT expert and software architect with a strong background and long history of designing and implementing complex systems, supervising development teams and collaborating with business stakeholders.


Technology lead

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