UI/UX design
Branding & Website design for an environmentally conscious office building

Our client is the Hungarian subsidiary of Raiffeisen Property Holding, who entrusted us with the design of the corporate identity and website for their newest office building in Budapest. We conducted extensive research on the needs of potential tenants to find a common voice between the RK60 building and its prospective occupants.

The business challenge

Challenges Tackled

  • Understanding the supply and demand side of the office building market
  • Identifying and tracking changing needs due to the ongoing pandemic.
  • Creating an image that is in line with the building’s values and objectives.

UX Research & Branding Workshops

To create a well-functioning and honest image, we needed to know how the office building industry works and the expectations of its stakeholders. This knowledge was gained through reading many case studies and carrying out interviews. Equipped with this knowledge, we were able to resonate with our client during the brand workshop. The result was an authentic image that satisfied all parties.

  • Company branding
  • Website UI design
  • Website development
  • Online marketing & PR
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Persona creation

RK60 is a premium quality office building on Budapest’s busiest boulevard, which can accommodate almost any tenant. Identifying the different types of tenants and finding their unique characteristics was essential to establish an effective marketing activity.

Competition analysis

Budapest is a cosmopolitan city in the centre of Europe, where a lot of real estate development has taken place over the past decade and more and more development is constantly happening. The competitor analysis helped to position the RK60 office building in terms of brand and communication.

Journey mapping

Our research shows that an office building website can play a different role at different points. Initially, it gives credibility to the existence of the project and provides information about the future building. It then provides contact details for interested tenants and intermediaries. Finally, it can also act as a community portal for tenants.

The development of a website truly pays off when it supports the whole life of the project.


The RK60 office building prides itself on its premium technical solutions and its natural garden spaces where people can relax and unwind. The finished identity conveys these values, while the logo playfully evoking the building's signature façade.

UI design and web development

The website provides information in English and Hungarian for prospective tenants, intermediaries and property market experts. The website is available on both mobile and desktop computers, and offers a straightforward, clear and easy-to-use interface.

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