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First aid app for parents

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The primary aim of the app is to help parents with a baby or young children to prepare for the most common emergency situations with their baby/children in a playful and interactive way with text and video content.

The Szent Márton Paediatric Medical Emergency Service Foundation already has educational content that has been used to create the mobile app (Parents' Guide to Rescuing Children).

The aim of the app is to avoid the most common emergency situations through educational preparation, but it is not explicitly intended to be launched by parents in case of an emergency.

Valós élethelyzetek

Real-life situations

The app includes the most common emergencies, compiled from 25 years of experience of the Szent Márton Paediatric Medical Emergency Service Foundation rescuers.

Oktató videók

Instructional videos

Short videos show possible emergencies and what to do in such situations.

Leckék minden helyzetre

Lessons for every situation

9 health emergencies prepared for by the app for children aged 0-14 years. The number of lessons is constantly growing.


Tests of knowledge

Different types of exercises help to reinforce and repeat life-saving skills.

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What is the origin of Mentő Márton the rescuer app?

The Smart Design agency team is very proud of the Márton the Rescuer app, because we did not just create it for one of our clients. To encourage Smart Design's employees to get involved, we launched a charity competition, offering our expertise to a chosen good cause.

We chose the idea of the Szent Márton Paediatric Medical Emergency Service Foundation create a mobile app to help prepare for emergencies involving children who cannot get to the foundation's courses or cannot afford to buy their books.

How was the Mentő Marton app made?

For the professionals at Smart Design, Mentő Márton was a true love project. We chose the project ourselves and we chose our own working methods. From researching the problems of parents with young children, to coming up with and rejecting different ideas, to the final concept, we were able to carry out every step of the process the way we wanted.

It was a long and adventurous professional and human journey, which we have described in more detail on our website.

Be a responsible parent!

Be prepared for emergencies - they can save lives!

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