September 4, 2023
Marketing Automation Trends in 2023

„The right message in the right channel to the right person.”

Marketing automation is a process that grants businesses to sell their products and services more effectively. With automation, businesses can communicate more successfully with their customers and create more accurate offers based on their needs. Below we highlight the most important marketing automation trends this year.

In 2023, the marketing automation trends will continue to prioritize personalized, unique experiences and content, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as the rise of voice-based technologies. Additionally, data privacy and data security will continue to receive increased attention, and organizations will place greater emphasis on the secure storage and management of user data. Social media platforms and influencer marketing will remain important components of the marketing mix, but the integration of online and offline tools will increasingly come to the forefront.

Now let’s see what it’s all about and what to expect this year:


  • Omnichannel orchestration

Omnichannel orchestration is one of the more advanced forms of marketing automation that enables businesses to coordinate customer interactions through various touchpoints (such as email, text messages, social media, live chat) to provide a seamless experience for customers on their preferred channel. The essence of omnichannel orchestration is that businesses do not manage different channels separately but integrate them through a central system. This allows customers to interact with the business on their preferred channel and enables the business to communicate with customers according to their unique preferences. The goal of omnichannel orchestration is to create a consistent communication across all touchpoints that aligns with the company’s brand message and business objectives.


  • The role of AI and machine learning is increasing

AI and machine learning already play an important role in marketing automation, and this trend will continue to strengthen in the coming years. AI and machine learning allows companies to create more accurate and personalized offers for customers. AI-based software can recognize customer behavior patterns and create offers accordingly. With a machine learning software you can continuously learn from customers, making offers increasingly tailored to their needs.

  • Interactive content is becoming more prominent

Interactive content is also an important role in marketing, and this will continue in the coming years, why? Interactive content allows customers to engage more deeply with products and services, increasing the likelihood of purchase. Interactive content includes live videos, interactive images, and animations.

  • Chatbots are becoming more widespread

Chatbots have a major place in marketing automation. This technology enables businesses to communicate more effectively with customers. Chatbots can automatically respond to client questions and direct them to the appropriate products or services. AI-based chatbots enable even more personalized communication with customers and can quickly and efficiently handle customer service questions.


  • The importance of data privacy is increasing

Data privacy is becoming increasingly important in marketing automation as well. Since the introduction of GDPR, businesses have placed increasing emphasis on data privacy. Customers are increasingly sensitive to the handling of their data, so businesses, data storage companies must ensure a high level of data protection. Effectively addressing data privacy questions and concerns is crucial for businesses to increase customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Awareness of automation is increasing

Awareness of automation is increasing among both businesses and customers. Customers increasingly understand the benefits of automation and firms see more advantages in automation. Automation increases efficiency and reduces costs, so they are increasingly realizing that automation is key to staying competitive in their markets.

In conclusion, marketing automation is an essential part of modern marketing strategies. These trends highlight the importance of staying up to date on the latest developments. By leveraging the power of AI, machine learning, interactive content, chatbots, and data privacy, businesses can create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns that resonate with customers and build brand loyalty.


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