November 14, 2023
Erste Bank's UX training strategy

The November UX Budapest Meetup took place at the headquarters of our client, Erste Bank. We were invited to the event to give a presentation on our strategy and experience in supporting the Bank and its employees through UX training.

In the business world, more and more companies are turning to human-centered design and user experience design to stay and increase competitiveness. Increasing UX maturity is not only for design professionals, but also for those who coordinate the development process. The strategy is to embed human-centered thinking into everyday practice and to educate agile team professionals about the task of user experience design.

The strategy is based on modular and practice-oriented training. In the foundational module, participants will learn the basics of human-centered design and user experience exploration methods. The facilitation module offers practice and tools for effective project management through real-life situations. Ongoing mentoring of participants will also enable them to regularly report on their experiences and practical application of experience design. The discussions help to overcome obstacles and also provide an opportunity for senior managers to intervene and support the resolution of problems when necessary.

The training courses launched have already been a great success at Erste Bank. According to the participants, it is one of the most popular training series, which not only improves their professional skills but also helps to increase the company’s performance. Erste Bank’s UX training strategy prepares the team not only for the current challenges but also for the future ones. Further improvements and continuation of the strategy will hopefully further strengthen Erste’s position in both the business and UX world.

The example of Erste Bank shows that it is important for companies to continuously improve not only their products and services, but also their internal operations and culture, and to understand the real needs of their customers. Human-centered design and user experience-focused training contribute to success and maintaining a competitive advantage in a dynamic business environment. Based on the feedback, we expect to see further positive results in the future for Erste Bank along this path.

If you are interested in UX training or just have questions on the topic, please feel free to contact us.

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