UI/UX design
Branding & communication strategy for an enterprise governance system

Our client offers a SaaS ERP solution for small and medium sized companies and their primary goal was to create a new, more effective communication strategy that will drive potential new customers to the site and increase the number of registrations to the site using the right marketing channels. As a result, we delivered a new brand strategy and a matching website design.

The business challenge

Challenges Tackled

  • Defined the brand objectives, so the ‘brand’ as an abstract concept became a concrete, shared vision
  • Customer journey and persona-based communication
  • Updated website concept reflecting new strategic elements
  • Performance-based digital communication with feedback loop


We conducted a brand workshop and customer research to renew CO3's image and communication. We created a customer journey map to plan the critical touchpoints that led to the new brand strategy and website design.

  • Brand strategy
  • Buyer personas
  • Website UX/UI
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A good brand comes from within

When creating a strategy, we plan from top to bottom to establish alignment among managers first. To make the CO3 brand work well, we first asked them to find their internal motivations, agree on what they stand for and who their target audience is.

Understanding business people

ERP systems are for business people, right? That's all. To be sure, we asked managers of businesses of different types, sizes and profiles what they have to do, how they are currently doing it and what their frustrations are. Of course, there were as many different answers as there were participants. These are the crucial insights that can help a company align its vision with what is on the minds of its customers.

Shaping the new website

The proposed brand strategy and communication elements were first brought to life in the form of a wireframe, that is a quick and cost-effective way to test and validate ideas.

New brand, brand new UI design

A refreshed design of the entire website has been completed, supporting the strategic objectives and meeting the defined expectations.

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