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Workflow management application for windshield repairs

Our team was tasked with the design and development of an application for Carglass Hungary to digitise windscreen repair workflows. Previously, the technicians relied on manual registration, using paper documents and keeping records of the work on worksheets. This outdated system proved to be inefficient, error-prone and consumed considerable time for operators. Therefore, our primary goal was to thoroughly understand the entire workflow, from initiation to completion, and to develop an application design that would seamlessly encompass the entire process. In doing so, we set out to streamline operations, reduce errors and optimise efficiency for Carglass Hungary professionals.

Challenges Tackled

  • Understanding the manual workflow
  • App design and validation
  • Development and technical integration


During the design and development of the application for Carglass Hungary, we faced several challenges that we had to overcome. First, understanding the existing manual workflow and identifying pain points was key. This involved conducting interviews, observing technicians at work and analysing the complexity of their work.

Secondly, a major challenge was to translate complex workflows into an intuitive and user-friendly application design. Careful thought had to be given to different stages, such as job registration, job tracking and status updates.

In addition, integrating the application into the existing infrastructure and ensuring seamless data synchronisation proved to be a technical challenge.

To address these challenges, our team worked closely with Carglass Hungary stakeholders, seeking continuous feedback and iteratively refining the design of the application to overcome obstacles and deliver a robust solution that met their unique needs.

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App design and validation

The wireframing process played a crucial role in the design and development of the application for Carglass Hungary, providing a valuable opportunity for validation. Through wireframes, we were able to create low-fidelity representations of the app's interface and functionality, allowing us to gather feedback and validate design concepts early on. By presenting the wireframes to stakeholders, including technicians and management, we could assess if the proposed solution effectively addressed their needs and requirements. This validation process helped us identify any potential usability issues, inconsistencies, or gaps in the user flow. Feedback obtained during wireframe validation enabled us to make necessary adjustments, refine the design, and ensure that the final application would deliver a seamless user experience.

UI design

The UI design phase involved creating a design system and implementing it on the wireframes. We established guidelines for colors, typography, and UI components that aligned with Carglass Hungary's brand. Applying the design system to the wireframes ensured consistency and enhanced usability. The process involved refining layouts, incorporating visual hierarchy, and optimizing the user flow. This iterative approach resulted in a cohesive and user-friendly interface for the application.

App development & technical integration

The development and technical integration of the application marked a significant milestone in digitalizing Carglass Hungary's workflow, optimizing efficiency, and empowering their technicians with a streamlined and error-free solution. The collaborative efforts during the development phase, combined with the comprehensive utilization of technological tools like Flutter, Laravel, and Microsoft Business Central, yielded a highly efficient and user-friendly solution that addresses the unique needs of Carglass Hungary. This endeavor is a testament to the power of strategic application development in enhancing workflow efficiency and error management in business operations.

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