UI/UX design
Branding & UI design of ecommerce platform for premium leftovers

Our client was fed up with all the healthy vegetables going to waste, so with the help of a master chef, they created their own vegetable convenience food. Our job was to design the new products' brand, packaging and webshop UI in line with their future customers' needs.

The business challenge

Challenges Tackled

  • Clean, easily distinguishable branding and packaging design
  • Build a common understanding among the stakeholders and create a shared vision
  • Gather insights about the market and identify different buying personas
  • Design a webshop UI optimized for convenience food products

Our solution - Design Thinking in practice

We built solid foundations through meaningful conversations with Appetit's stakeholders and future customers. The gained insights not only helped our client to form their vision and plans, but also provided a solid basis for their future webshop's UI design.

  • Appetit brand
  • Packaging design
  • Buyer Personas with empathy maps
  • Webshop UX/UI
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Customer research

We like to ask people about everything, because it always enables us to design better products and services. In this case we gained insights about the food-related daily routines of Appetit’s future customers. Did you know that single parents face the constant challenge of how to find their way while trying to feed their children healty and nutritious food every day?

Journey mapping

How does the food get on the table? In a million ways! Some do it quickly, some slowly, some in the morning, some at midnight, some order it, some cook it. A journey map tells us many stories.


Based on the research's insigths we came up with a clean, new-wave brand identity, that engage with anyone who is open to healty vegetable meals with a twist. Our goal was to design a brand, that is consistent and easy-to-recognize, but enable Appetit to distinguish visually their main productlines.

Webshop UI design

On one hand the webshop's UI design was created the Foodies’ special needs who are looking for their premium daily meals online, but on the other hand we payed special attention to the modern e-commerce best-practices that can drive the onsite conversions. We aimed to deliver a website with both flawless user experience and optimized sales capabilities.

Packaging design

Appetit's convenience foods are as much for young people as they are for mums with families, but they both share a desire for premium quality and care about what they put on the table. This sentiment is reflected in the easily recognizable, artistic packaging of the products.

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